Super Short Beer Reviews!

This has been such an insane week! So insane, in fact, that I while I have notes for this week’s post, I’ve had no time to actually write it. I’m going to have to delay it – mostly due to an activity related to next week’s post! And Halloween. That too. (I don’t even have a costume yet! Help!)

To tide you over until I can post a full article, here are short reviews of two beers from Oddside Ales in Grand Haven, Michigan. We didn’t have the time to stop by their brewery on our trip, but managed to grab a few of their bottles in Kalamazoo. You may remember their Granny’s Apple Pie beer from my beer haul post last week. The following two beers are also part of their usual line up.

How Now Brown Cow, Brown Ale, 6%

20151025_212633The first thing I love about this beer is the bottle. All Oddside Ales beers have taglines of sorts, usually a description of what’s in the beer. This one, however, simply reads “The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.” This beer is absurd, and I love it! The beer itself isn’t quite as distinctive as the bottle, but still quite tasty, easy drinking. There’s lots of coffee on the nose. The taste is of a lot of coffee, a bit of chocolate, and a little metallic tinge. It is very drinkable!

Firefly Pale Ale, 5.75%

20151024_213423This unique pale ale is brewed with papaya and habanero peppers. I was a little hesitant off the bat, because it seemed like my bottle had a lot of debris in it – but I decided to go ahead and taste is anyways. It still had a lovely aroma, full of citrus, papaya, and grassy hoppiness. It tasted just fine! Very strong papaya and citrus notes, along with a subtle burn that builds, and a light bitterness. Whatever was in my bottle, it didn’t seem to impact the taste at all.

Stay tuned next week for not one, but TWO new articles! I’ll update this on a regular schedule someday, I promise.


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